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"The entire clear aligners process was both fast and easy. It even made it difficult to snack which can help you lose some weight. Dr. Timothée and her staff were very professional and appointment times were not overbooked which allowed you to be seen in a timely manner. Overall, it was a great experience and I am very pleased with the results."

Rob C.

"While having braces for four years, Timothée Orthodontics changed my smile into something I love. The staff is always welcoming and gives great comfort during every appointment. I could not have wished for a better experience while having braces."

Emma H.

"My experience with Timothée Orthodontics was memorable because of the welcoming staff and homey environment. I enjoyed seeing my changes with each visit. I'd recommend this office to anyone who want's the best care they can get."

 Alexandra S.

"I enjoyed my clear aligner treatment here at Timothée Orthodontics because treatment was fast and worked great. Excellent staff as well!"

Jade B.

"Timothée Orthodontics is a great place! Every time I come in for an appointment, I'm welcomed by the nicest staff. Dr. T has given me new confidence in my smile and teeth. Only good things have come from my time here and I can't wait to continue my treatment with this awesome staff. I would recommend Timothée Orthodontics to anyone looking for great results."

Dakota H.

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